Explaining your contribution

The important issue is not how many contributions a study will make, but rather a significance for each.

Do you have a contribution?

Looking for inspiration what a potential contribution may be?

  • Test the assumptions

    • …on which a significant stream of research relies
    • Taking a step back and identify core assumptions
  • Probe the external validity

    • …of what we take to be true
    • Common background factors?
  • The next new thing

    • Open new domains of inquiry
    • Make sure that this domain has significant implications if it was better understood
  • Work backward in the causal chain

    • Examine a variable, that if understood better, has major implications for a vast nest of relationships
  • Intervene in an accepted causal chain

    • Taken-for-granted relationships? But really, really? What happens if they disappear?
  • Challenging conventional managerial practices/beliefs

  • Resolve inconsistent findings

    • Requires taking a step back…
    • Examine a stream of research in a holistic fashion
    • Focus on subtleties, that may have not so subtle implications