Thesis outline

In writing your thesis, please adhere to the following chapter structure. We provide details on what we expect in each section on subsequent sites.

  1. Introduction

  2. Literature review

    • Elaborate discussion “what do we know”/”not know” and contribution (“what do you add to the literature”)
  3. Conceptual framework

    • Boxes and arrows (for example, A leads to B, moderated by C)
    • Hypothesis or expectations
  4. Data

    • Description of data collection
    • Variable operationalization
    • Descriptive statistics of the final data set
  5. Model

    • Model expressed in formulas + explanation
    • Explanation of variables that enter your model, and why
  6. Results

    • Results
  7. Discussion

    • Summary of main findings
    • Theoretical and managerial takeaways
    • Limitations and future research

Tip: This format may slightly deviate from the traditional thesis format, but is preferred with quantitative thesis.