Example theses

Seeking inspiration in writing your thesis, or setting up your workflow? Then check out the work of students that have successfully defended their theses in the recent past.

  • Fenne Schoot, 2019, “Analyzing Spotify’s network of playlists: how tracks spread through playlists on Spotify” (Thesis, Code on GitHub)

  • Lieke Jacobs, 2020, “How curators moderate the effect of variety on playlist success” (Thesis, Code on GitHub)

  • Robbert Oudelaar, 2020, “Assessing the Influence of Major-Label Content on Spotify Playlist Success” (Thesis)

  • Roy Klaasse Bos, 2020, “Goodbye Likes, Hello Mental Health - How Hiding Like Counts Affects User Behavior and Self-Esteem” (Thesis, Code on GitHub)

  • Verweij, Mike, 2022, “The Impact of Covid-19 Restrictions on Book Consumption” (Thesis, Code on GitHub)