Imitate a style

  • Most students I talk to enjoy writing the least, compared to other thesis tasks.
  • So, make it a little more fun by using a few “stock phrases” this will help you to submit a polished draft as opposed to a lousy set of basic sentences.
  • Also, it helps if you can imitate a style of writing (e.g., from my own papers, or the style of any of your favourite authors in your field of research).

Academic phrasebook

Check out these fantastic phrasesm which may help you to express your thoughts professionally.

This school of thought..., many recent studies document that...; while the link not as clearly defined in the literature, it is suggested that....; a canvassing of the growing body of literature on... suggests that two schools of thought dominate the extant thinking; seminal studies include...
Although research on...exists, gaps remain; there is little empirical research...; some questions have been raised in the practitioner literature as to whether....; the research has tended to focus on...., rather on...
A majority of --> most; a sufficient amount of --> enough; according to our data --> we find; accordingly --> therefore, so

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