Formatting your document

Please format your document correctly as early as possible (i.e., already when handing your thesis for intermediate feedback).

  • Page settings and font
    • A4, 1.5 spaced
    • Times New Roman, 12pt.
    • Tables in 8pt or 10pt. Footnotes in 10pt. No exception.
    • No fancy title pages. Always include your student number (SNR).
    • Page limit: 35 pages.
  • Use page numbers (bottom right)
    • same font as your text, 10pt
    • page numbers start with 1 on the first page after your title page (the title page doesn’t have any page number)
  • Take time to proofread your thesis, and use tools such as Grammarly (note though Grammarly does not perform sanity checks on whether what you say makes sense!)

Tired of using the default settings of Microsoft Word? Then use one of our templates.

  • Two-column format, Microsoft Word (Download)

Have you developed your own template, or improved upon the ones posted here? Let us know please, so we can add your template to the site.