Help yourself to stay mentally healthy

We hope the tips below help you to stay focused and healthy.

  • Follow your own pace: do not compare to others
  • Don’t think you haven’t done anything - even merely thinking about an issue is good for your progress (and even taking some time off is!)
  • Realize that ups and downs are inevitable
    • E.g., getting responses on questionnaires, preparing data for analysis, and running the analysis
  • Do things not related to your thesis to recharge your batteries!
  • It’s good to be ambitious (I am, too!), but realize that your thesis most likely will not change the world
  • Talk to other students of your advisor / form groups
  • If you are aware of any issues that may prevent you from unleashing your potential - even before the start of your thesis - you can discuss those early on (e.g., would you describe yourself as a “procrastinator”, it’s also good to bring this up). That way, your advisor can stay alert for any arising issues