Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’re right. The Department of Marketing at Tilburg University has an official guide for writing a Master thesis, and by all means, you need to consider that one leading. This website should be used as an addendum to that guide, which provides some guidance with regard to the content and process of writing a thesis under the supervision of Hannes Datta.
The material on this site (and especially the links to external material) can be overwhelming at times. Talk to your thesis advisor, who can help you make a good choice of what is important for you right now, and what should be put on hold.
There is a bunch of stuff here that you can already work through, long before you first meet with your advisor. For example, you could check your software configuration, learn R or Python (or both), find and refine a topic (or improve upon a topic that you are about to apply to), and get to know your coach (e.g., by reading some papers, browsing websites, etc.).