Structure and meetings

Supervision in teams

You are supervised in teams of about 2-4 students who work on similar topics - either from a substantive perspective (the “topic”), or from a methodological perspective. You will be notified about your team mates at the start of your supervision process.

Online meetings

Your supervision takes place in online meetings, potentially with other students that work on similar topics.

You will typically have 5-7 meetings with your advisors. Use our meeting planner to find out how to approximately space out your appointments over time.

Use of Zoom

We use Zoom to meet up. Students and staff of Tilburg University have access to the campus license of Zoom. When setting up meetings (please send us calendar invites), please include the link to the Zoom call.

  • You can create meeting links by visiting, and logging in with your Tilburg University account.

  • You are allowed to use Zoom to record our meetings for personal use (e.g., to facilitate taking notes).

  • Before meeting online, test your audio and turn on your webcam.

  • Please join the meeting a couple of minutes prior to the start of the meeting, so we can start on time.

  • Please be prepared to share your screen. If you require feedback on code or data, please have your computer ready for us to work on. In practice, this means having TeamViewer installed.

Conducting your research independently

In-between online meetings, you work independently on your research, and stay in close touch with other students (e.g., to give feedback on writing or code). Please bundle questions for your next online meeting. If you’re stuck - get in touch with your advisor.

  • If you do not receive a reply in reasonable time, please remind me about your message.
  • Don’t contact me for every tiny question you have, but first try to find a solution yourself or in discussions with other students in your thesis team.
  • If you write an email, write it short and to the point.