Staying healthy

Writing your thesis can become quite of a stressful journey. For example, you may run into unexpected problems (e.g., data isn’t as good as you hoped for, models do not converge, writing turns out to be difficult).

We hope the tips below help you to stay focused and healthy:

  • Follow your own pace: do not compare to others
  • Don’t think you haven’t done anything - even merely thinking about an issue is good for your progress (and even taking some time off is!)
  • Realize that ups and downs are inevitable
    • E.g., getting responses on questionnaires, preparing data for analysis, and running the analysis
  • Do things not related to your thesis to recharge your batteries!
  • It’s good to be ambitious (I am, too!), but realize that your thesis most likely will not change the world
  • Talk to other students of mine / form groups
  • Tilburg University has a fantastic team of student psychologists, who offer individual therapy and workshops to improve your well-being. Several of my students have worked with our psychologists to tackle problems that kept them from unleashing their potential.