Feedback on your work

Support from your coach

While working on your thesis, I will give you feedback on your work when requested. Please do not take that criticism personally - I am just trying to improve your work.

My feedback typically falls into one of the three categories below. Please evaluate the importance of my comment, and address it in a revision to your work.


  • When asking for feedback on code or data, please either set up a quick call and be prepared to share your screen (have everything “ready” for me to work on).
  • If you send your question via email, please always include the data and code to reproduce your error/work on the problem. It is not sufficient to merely provide a screenshot.

Support from others

  • I’m not the only person to ask for feedback. In fact, friends or colleagues may go the extra mile to discuss research questions, find spelling mistakes, or help you fix some errors in your code.

  • If you do seek support from others, you need to tell me about it so that I can accurately gauge your own performance, which is crucial for a proper planning.