The do's and don'ts

The do’s

  • Appointments

    • Do make an appointment before you come see me
    • Do take into account my busy agenda
  • Communication

    • Do let me know if I don’t reply to you!
    • Do submit things on time and stick to agreements
    • If you write an email, write it short and to the point
    • When meeting online, test your audio, turn on your webcam, and be prepared to share your screen.
  • Feedback and support

    • Do accept my feedback, but also give your feedback to me (!)
    • Do take this companion and the suggestions seriously
  • Seeking support from others

    • Do seek support from others - friends may go the extra mile to discuss research questions, find spelling mistakes, or help you fix some errors in your R code. However, if you do seek support, you need to tell me about it so that I can accurately gauge your own performance, which is crucial for a proper planning.

The Dont’s

  • Don’t plan meetings for many weeks without informing me
  • Don’t contact me for every tiny question you have, but first try to find a solution yourself or in discussions with your thesis partner (if you have one)
  • Don’t plagiarize or use help of others without informing me
  • Don’t send me long emails, but instead make use of quick questions that you send via WhatsApp (+31134668938)